The Youth Inspirations Stars Company is made up of a selected group of individuals deeply committed to growing in their theatre arts and music education. It consists of weekly training in voice, acting and dance and a dedication towards bringing the arts into the community. The company will learn a series of songs, dances, sketches, etc. to perform at schools, churches, community centers and more. They will be available for both hire and volunteer opportunities and can create a show series based specifically on the needs of a business. We pride ourselves in always putting forth professional and family friendly work. It is led by professionals who gear their instruction to give each student what they most need to become their best overall artist and performer. We are founded on 5 points, like the 5 points of a star; Big heart Great talent Elite training Exploring the arts Advancing the community


  • Early registration for all classes and shows
  • Extra discount for registering for multiple YIT programs
  • Ability to audition for Main Stage (including anyone younger than 10)
  • Several performance opportunities throughout the community
  • Ability to take any advanced classes YIT offers.
  • November 29 by appointment click below
  • Limited to 15 students ages 8-18
  • Rehearsals Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm January 25-May 16
  • Performances TBD
  • Costs:
    $50 registration fee
    $50 costume fee
    $85/month tuition

Looking for one on one audition prep?

Register for 6 private audition prep lessons.

Once registered you will be contacted for scheduling. Lessons are scheduled directly with the instructor.