“Youth Inspirations Theatre has been a fabulous find for our daughter! As a fifth grader she had never been involved in acting, singing, or playing a musical instrument of any sort outside of a couple short summer camps. YIT has been the PERFECT home for her to step into the world of theatre and singing and guitar. She has been made to feel welcome and safe by both the leaders and the students. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience in her first musical theatre. She learned about singing, blocking, acting, props, costumes, mics, stage presence and more. But as parents we are most proud of the confidence she gained and the friends she made. YIT is a great program for our youth lead by adults who care about both their technical growth as well as their overall experience. Kindness and inclusion seem to be important aspects of the program and as a parent it’s so nice to know our children are both well cared for and being taught how to care for others. We appreciate the supportive nature of YIT and our daughter is already looking forward to her next musical.

— Alicia Hughes (Piper)

“I wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU for all that you are doing for young talent in Hamilton County. I have been impressed with the singing lessons and acting classes that my daughter has taken at YIT. I would recommend this program to any parent who has a child that is trying to develop a talent or try something new. The team at YIT has a positive coaching style and helps build the child’s confidence in what they are doing. YIT has expectations of their students that helps teach them valuable life lessons one of which is that you have to put in the work to get results you want. I was able to witness many kids who were shy really come out of their shell and enjoy what they are doing. The smiles on their face were priceless. My daughter built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you YIT!”

— Natalie Brown (Hadley)

“When I found Youth Inspirations Theatre it was because I had been discussing with a friend how I really needed to get my son into acting classes soon. I’d made this promise to him for awhile now and told him many times I’d see what was available for his age group. She didn’t hesitate to share with me what she knew about Julie and her theatre group. I thanked her for the information, casually liked the FB page, gave the website a once over but still put it off. Scrolling my FB feed one day it was like fate dropped the YIT open house post in my lap and I made the decision to go check it out. What I didn’t know then was that it was one of the best parental decisions I have ever made for one of my kids.

It’s always been important to me that my kids find a niche and participate on a team I think the lessons that are learned in a team atmosphere are invaluable to any child growing up (sharing, delegating, personal responsibility, intuitive team thinking, learning a new skill, collaborating, achieving a sense of accomplishment, etc). But I had tried sports teams with my son since he was very young (soccer, taekwondo, basketball, baseball) and nothing stuck. Sports was just not his thing for many reasons. I was exhausted from the mental marathon it took to get him to participate in practices and games that I decided to take a year off from having him involved in any extra curricular activities. When I signed him up at YIT I was very skeptical, worried yet hopefully optimistic. He was thrilled. But I had seen that enthusiasm before-it never lasted long, a few weeks at the most. Then week after week, I waited for him to grow tired of this new adventure and put up a fight about going. And week after week he continued to impress me with his pure joy about being there. Though we had a few kinks to work out along the way, with Julie’s open and consistent dialogue with me and unwavering support for my son, he kept that enthusiasm throughout the entire musical-start to finish!

It truly brought tears to my eyes to see my son, for the first time ever in his young life, start to finish”

— Kelsey Taulbee (Zack)

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What parents say

Our girls love YIT! They've performed in several main stage productions, summer camps and private voice lessons. They love the community of friends this theater has given them. YIT fosters a family atmosphere that is inviting and supporting.

Becky M.

YIT has been a great place for my daughter to express herself! She has learned so much about music and theatre; all while making some wonderful friends!

Natalie B.

We had a hard time finding a nice theatre that wasn’t outside of our values. We are so please to have found YIT for our kiddos to be able to express their creativeness. Highly recommend this theatre.

Kelli Y.

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