Pedro Medeiros

Dr. Pedro Medeiros is a pianist and piano teacher currently living in Muncie, IN. His main activities are teaching piano lessons, accompanying singers and instrumentalists, and performing solo recitals. Throughout his academic career, he had the chance to learn from exceptional pianists and mentors, including Dr. Luis Claudio Barros during his B.A. in Brazil, Dr. Alessandra Feris during his M.M. at the University of South Dakota, and most recently Dr. Raymond Kilburn during his D.A. at Ball State University. Both in his master’s and Doctoral years, he was awarded the opportunity to be a Graduate Assistant.

Alongside a busy teaching and performing schedule, Pedro focuses part of his time developing his teaching skills. During his B.A., he wrote a final paper about memorization techniques and how to teach them to students, especially from early stages of learning. He is a member of MTNA, and is constantly reading articles, participating in webinars, and implementing new ideas to his teaching philosophy. His Doctoral dissertation explored the 12 Street Corner Waltzes by Francisco Mignone, a composer from his home country. In Pedro’s dissertation, he explored the connections between urban popular music and the 12 Waltzes of Mignone and how it impacts on the approach to piano technique and interpretation on the 12 Street Corner Waltzes.
Pedro has a student-centered teaching philosophy; he understands and identifies that each student has different goals and objectives when playing the piano. Then, he leads his student to reach their highest potential through musical and fun experiences. In his lessons, he incorporates many teaching and practice strategies in a way that students can become independent to learn new pieces or favorite songs.
Pedro, in his free time, enjoys spending time with his wife who is a K-5 music teacher, watching sports, especially soccer, and getting to know new places.