Strings Lessons

Always wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument?

Does your child want  to play a stringed instrument to supplement their orchestra classes, or to learn how to play casually on their own?   Would you like to enrich their life and brain function by studying violin, viola, cello or stringed bass?

Join one of YIT’s instructors for individualized curriculum for levels beginner to professional.

As with all lessons at YIT, our strings teachers customize lessons to individual student abilities and goals.

Beginner lessons focus on proper technique, arm position, and form to set good posture habits from the start. Lessons progress to include double stops, hand articulation, trills, and vibrato.

Students receive positive encouragement during weekly lessons and custom practice assignments to build skills between lessons at home. Students will learn a love for their instrument and confidence in themselves for enhancing their skills.

Whether you want to play for enjoyment, school, college or beyond, our teachers will help you reach your full potential.

Stringed Instrument students will explore a variety of genres including classical, popular, jazz and more.

Private Lessons 2022

Lessons are 30 minutes

Spring: January 17-May 6

Full Semester (recommended) 14 lessons $630

Half Semester 7 lessons $350

Studio Recital May 14

Fall: TBA

Summer: 6 lessons or 8 lessons scheduled around both instructor’s and student’s summer schedules.

***Students are automatically registered for the Fall and Spring Semester unless otherwise discussed with the Studio.***