Past Events

#1 Popular Magic: A Spin on Hansel and Gretel

When Minerva Bogglebean started her first day at the Great Witch Academy, she never dreamed that she would be scouted by the most popular witches at school. Eager to join their clique, she agrees to change her unpopular ways in order to fit in. But, she soon discovers that sometimes doing the popular thing is very different from doing the right thing. This original script uses familiar songs to tell a magical story about the challenge of fitting in and finding true friendships.

#2 The Dancing Princesses

There is a mystery in the palace. Every night, the king’s daughters disappear. When they return, the only clue as to where they have gone is their tattered dancing slippers. Who will discover where the princesses go every night? Join us as we recreate this classic Grimm fairy tale in an original script using familiar songs.