COVID-19 Information


We are happy to share our excitement regarding our reopening plan as we return to the theatre arts in-person or through zoom.


We are observing the recent flurry with school re-opening plans and know that you have a lot of hard decisions to make for your family. We’ve all been inundated with ever-changing updates and hope to bring you as much stability as we can through this pandemic.


We want to assure you that we are charting a course that we believe best serves our families. By keeping our classes small, modifying the studio layout, training our staff, and adjusting routines, we are able to achieve physical distancing that allows us to be ready for in-person education.


For the new semester, our plan is detailed in the FAQ slides below. Although we realize that we are in a situation in which we will not be able to please or accommodate every concern or preference, we are comfortable with maintaining this preferred course and can offer you multiple options; inspiring distinctive education while meeting your family needs remain our overall goal.


We will continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations and will work with you on an individual family basis. While there are still more details and answers that we are always evaluating, we want to assure you that our focus remains on fully re-opening our studio in August and working with you to receive the education and experience that best suits your family.


Thank you for joining us for another exciting year!

YIT Team